Tuesday, May 13, 2014

[SOLVED] Recover Locked Notes from COLORNOTE (Android) (Forgotten Master Password)

I changed the master password of my COLORNOTE app on my android smartphone, but the conveniently forgot it because i never had to use it for a long stretch. Funny thing, we tend to think that some passwords which we make up we'll never forget, but when the time comes, no matter what different combinations of familiar passwords we try, nothing works.

I was quite annoyed by this, because I had locked out some pretty important personal files, and there seemed to be no way of recovering it. After looking around a bit, and tinkering around I finally figured out a solution for me to recover the locked files.

The article I referred to Android Central forum
Credits to users: mohammed raficollegemomlynn


REQUIRED: AUTO BACKUP must be checked

Go to SDCARD Backup and verify that the latest autoback up is present [ check the date ]
You'll not be able to take back up manually because it asks for the master password.. 

Enable the "Auto back up" option and  wait for 24 hours for letting it take back up automatically. Then go with the above procedure and verify presence of backup files. 

VERIFY THE BACKUP, open the back up data and view your notes. It should show all your locked and unlocked notes.

2. Clear the Master password
Settings-> Master password-clear password

It deletes ur locked notes.. But don worry u still have back up

3.Now set the new Master password
4. Go to back up again.. Check for the recent back up data.. ->Restore
5. Now u can open the locked notes vit ur new Master password

IF you dont have the Autobackup option. credit:jambavo75
 I only had to update Colornote in my new-phone (looking for Colornote at Play Store, and then I choose "update"). Then you should be able to use the automatic backup-files without password.

My problem was that I had set up Online sync via facebook.
This is how I worked out my solution.

1. Follow STEP 1, make sure Autobackup is present.
Go to Settings> online sync > Sign out [ use android menu button ]

2. Now you will notice that all your notes have been deleted. In fact they are safely stored in your online sync as well as the auto backup files. So don't worry.

3. Now go to Settings> Master Password  ; and set up a new password.

4. Go to Settings> SD card backup > Click the Autobackup file > View

5. Now if you click the locked files, you will be open them with your new password.

6. Individually open each important locked file and restore.

PS. I tried to restore the whole Auto Backup file, but it didnt work out for me because the online sync came back on and my new password didn't work. So viewing individual files and restoring them individually worked for me.

NOTE 1: You can go back to state , that is with all your notes but with the old password by just going to Online Sync and logging in again.

NOTE 2: Alternatively if the first method doesn't work .. you can set up an online sync first and try my alternative method. I cannot verify the first method as online sync was turned on for me.

This is a way to recover some important notes that might have been locked out. I hope this helps you.