Thursday, April 26, 2012

[SOLVED] Removing BOSS Linux from Amma Laptops

Fixing up That Free Laptop ;)

Ok , so you got a free laptop from the Tamil Nadu government. The guys over at Loyola including meself got the Lenovo B460e. Though it has some important stuff missing like and internal wireless adaptor, dvd drive and such, I personally feel that its a pretty good piece especially for students.

Though I am grateful to our Amma,  I don't really fancy her staring at my face as soon as I turn the laptop on [some Rosie Huntington bootay for me please! :P].  I'm pretty sure most people peeled off the sticker of her glorious countenance, and switched the desktop wallpaper.

The lap comes with dual operating systems , Win 7 and BOSS Linux. I did some research to optimize the lap to my needs and decided to write a guide to make things easy for others. This guide will cover the following issues.

1. How to Change Account name from ELCOT to whatever
2. How to change System Name From ELCOT to whatever
3. Login Details for BOSS Linux.
4. How to remove BOSS Linux while retaining Windows 7.
5. How to remove GRUB and replace it with the normal Windows NT bootloader.
6. How to reallocate the 100gb previously used up by BOSS.
7. How to get rid of the annoying Drive Q, which gives the drive inaccessible error.
8. About the BIOS splashscreen with the TN Logo

How to Change Account name from ELCOT to whatever

 Go to Start Menu > Control Panel > User Accounts > Change your account name.

How to change System Name From ELCOT to whatever

Go to Start Menu
In the Search column type " sysdm.cpl "
Click " Change " button.
knock yourself out naming your pc, I personally prefer AlottaV Agina

Login Details for BOSS Linux

Though I liked Ubuntu, I found the BOSS Linux thing crappy. But if you want to try it out and are annoyed by the constant request for login, here's what you need
For TamilNadu Free Laptop the Linux login is
username: root
password: root

How to remove BOSS Linux while retaining Windows 7 : 

a] How to remove GRUB and replace it with the normal Windows NT bootloader
b] How to reallocate the 100gb previously used up by BOSS.

This one is a bit tricky, but do as I say and all will be well young padwan

First Download the following: [ free from both payment and malware ]

A> Required EASEUS Partition Master – Home Edition

B> option 1 EASY BCD  [ have to give name and email for download , can give fake one]
To download Scroll down, click register, put in your details and ou should be able to download the installation file.


STEP 1 - Two options, choose one

Process [ with EASY BCD 2.1.2 Community edition, this is easy  and has GUI ]

-Run EASY BCD 2.1.2 Community edition
-Select BCD deployment
-In MBR Configuration options > choose Install windows vista/7 bootloader to MBR
-Select Write MBR

This has removed GRUB and replaced it with windows bootloader.

NOTE: This video tutorial is with and earlier version of easy BCD 1.7.2. Current downloadable version is 2.1.2.



- Start EASEUS Partition Master – Home Edition
- Click Go to main screen
-Select The last partition of 100gb capacity, EXT3 file system
- Right Click > Delete Partition
- Now it shows Unallocated space . Right Click > Create Partition , to create a new Patition E:\ .
- You can  also merge it with C or D partition using the merge command
- Click Apply on left-top side of the menu bar


Done! Reboot your computer and it should now be done.
Now you are free of linux and have 100gb more space for yourself on windows.

How to get rid of the annoying [hide] Drive Q, which gives the drive inaccessible error

The presence of the Drive Q:\ is because of the“Click-To-Run” Office 2010. Though it is harmless, it can get quite irritating when you accidentally click it while browsing through the system.
Here’s how to hide it.

-Go to Start Menu

-In the Search column type " Regedit " . Open the program regedit.exe
-Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer
If you don't have the EXPLORER folder in  POLICIES,
right click Policies > New > Key .  Name it as " Explorer "

- Open the folder Explorer

-  Right Click inside the bigger column on the Right>  New > DWORD 32bit Value

- Name it as " NoDrives " . Right Click it > Modify... > input Value Data as " 65536 " > choose base as      "Decimal " > Click ok

Restart and the drive should be gone. Simple  as that.

About the BIOS splashscreen with the TN Logo

I was reading up about changing the TN boot screen but it apparently needs fidgeting with the BIOS , which is not recommended anywhere. Any screw-ups and your motherboard gets bricked.
Guess I can live with the 2 sec reminder of the donor of the laptop.

I hope this stuff helps you guys. Comment if you got any questions.
May the force be with you!



  1. Its done.I have changed the splash screen of it.Check tis

    If you want it too contact me at

    1. Hello Mr. Arun ---- i have a problem with this laptop do pls help me ..... i just entered the easues partition manager and deleted the linux partition and it showed unallocated space ...then i just instead of allocating it to a seperate drive or merging it gave a restart after deleting i entered a grub rescue error ..and i figured out some commands for the rescue as (bootrec /fixmbr ) now the grub error went then i planned to install a windows 7 i inserted the pendrive with win ultimate loaded and went into the install option and in the partition menu i deleted the entire windows7 partitions so as to make a fresh install it showed me unallocated space as 289.1 gb ..and i am worried about wat is the rest of gb in 320gb ...and now after i make a new partition of 75gb for c drive to load windows7 ultimate ..i gave next but its not proceeding instead showing me a message that the setup cannot make a new partition or cannot proceed go see the setup lof for more details ....why am i shown this then after i come back and restart the laptop ...i been shown a black screen with media test failure and then insert the boot device cs/dvd and press any key... as i told u this is wat my problem is ...pls do help me wat should i do now ...

  2. I have removed linux in my laptop now i wan to install windows 8 in the newly created e drive can i install it Mr.Arun......

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  4. Boss........

    Thanks for this post...

    It really helped me..

    Do post similar help topics on this free laptop..

  5. I removed Linux os directly by deleting the partition
    And I restarted the laptop, it is not working
    It show 'no such partition '

    Help me

    1. create bootable pendrive,go to repair system type in cmd bootrec/fixmbr